The Book

After years of working with couples to help them find the secrets to financial openness and mutual success in their relationships, Jeff finally put all his experiences and learning together in one place. It’s a book about how to end the war of the wallets, to avoid fights about spending and saving and build a happy and secure future together.

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“Financial freedom is not a destination; it’s a way of life. It’s a thousand good decisions in one direction. It’s a few letters that become a word and a few words that become a sentence. A sentence that with the conviction of action becomes a declaration. It won’t come to you by way of the perfect investment, the ideal job or the miraculous windfall; it will come to you because you made it happen, one decision at a time.”

Jeff Motske

The Radio Show

Weekly Jeff and his brilliant sidekick Kimber Holdaway provide timely and time-tested thoughts on financial matters in their radio show, "Declare Your Financial Independence." The show helps listeners turn theory into practical next steps which are unbiased and proven to help anyone take next steps toward financial independence.